31 December 2010

Birdhouse in the bushes

On a morning walk on Christmas day, Sully and I stepped out our front gate to complete silence.  Until then, I hadn't noticed that there's a pretty consistent hum of cars, trucks, and people in our neighborhood.  I stood and took it all in while Sully had her morning pee.

We headed across the street and I spotted a birdhouse hanging in the bushes.  I didn't get a chance to get a closeup look until today. 

Our apartment is in the orange house on the left side of the frame
A flock of sparrows or starlings, depending on the time of year, can often be spotted flying around and through the bushes.   Now they'll have a cozy place to rest during the cold winter months, thanks to one of the bird lovers in town.


  1. Maybe you can improve the house. Maybe make a keebler elves house. Paint it. As an aside, I think that starlings are an invasive species. I think that it was starlings that were introduced in Central Park when somebody decided it would be neat to have all the animals in Shakespear's plays there. They swept across America, resulting in one of our grandfathers shooting them because they are annoying.

  2. Eh, the birdhouse is pretty cute as-is. It says something like "My Garden" over the door.

    Which grandfather shot a starling???