31 May 2011

Nubbyfest 2011

Nubby + Charles River

Nubby was purchased at the Walgreens down the street from where my best college buddies and I recently spent a long weekend.  He provided hours of entertainment in the apartment in Gloucester and he got to see some sights in Boston (Harvard post-graduation, George Washington's 1775-1776 garden, an old cemetery, the Charles River).  He's a funny little guy who lights up and is squishable in so many ways.  We have named our second annual get-together in his honor.  As the only person not traveling on a plane and potentially having to explain him to an FAA official, I was lucky enough to inherit him.

Our new tradition has proven to be a ridiculously fun, relaxing, recharging one.  I'm already looking forward to next year's get-together, which will bring us all back to Colorado College for our tenth reunion.  We're old.

The Lobster Pool in Rockport, Mass

06 May 2011

The Little Things

this made me smile yesterday
Things that made me smile today, in order of occurrence....
  • Sully's wagging tail as I opened the door for our morning walk
  • my first sip of coffee on my drive to school
  • cranberry walnut bread from 2nd Street Baking Co.
  • my classmate's sheltie's ears: one perky, one folded
  • my classmate's sheltie resting her front paws on my chest
  • getting a better grade than expected on my Animal Diseases exam
  • the arrival of new sizes of boxes to ship stuff in at work (sad but true...)
  • Becky's and my semi-regular "idea" of the day: life-sized people decals to stick on the store's window so customers stop trying to exit through the window rather than the door
  • leaving work on a Friday
  • seeing Brooke and Oliver during my run on the canal bike path
  • coming home from my run to Michael