27 July 2011

Volunteer Sunflower

On my morning walk with Sully this morning I spotted a sunflower reaching above the bushes that line the parking lot across the street from our apartment.  These are the same bushes where I discovered a birdhouse this past winter.  These are the same bushes that surround the parking lot where groups of teenagers choose to hang out, spouting out f-bomb's at regular intervals.  And talking REALLY REALLY LOUDLY.  There were fireworks being set off (big fireworks - the kinds that require a tube) up until about a week ago.  Most of the time, though, it's pretty quiet. 

toward the Montague Senior Center

16 July 2011

Our Yard

Click to find the bumblebee
I think it's pretty safe to say that the bumblebees are enjoying the abundance of flowers in our yard this summer as much as I am.  And Sully likes hunting the bees equally as much.  The past couple of days she has joined us on the porch and has pretty quickly discovered the little insects buzzing around these purple flowers.  She apparently could spend hours resting on her back legs, watching them buzz around, trying to snatch one every once in a while.