06 May 2011

The Little Things

this made me smile yesterday
Things that made me smile today, in order of occurrence....
  • Sully's wagging tail as I opened the door for our morning walk
  • my first sip of coffee on my drive to school
  • cranberry walnut bread from 2nd Street Baking Co.
  • my classmate's sheltie's ears: one perky, one folded
  • my classmate's sheltie resting her front paws on my chest
  • getting a better grade than expected on my Animal Diseases exam
  • the arrival of new sizes of boxes to ship stuff in at work (sad but true...)
  • Becky's and my semi-regular "idea" of the day: life-sized people decals to stick on the store's window so customers stop trying to exit through the window rather than the door
  • leaving work on a Friday
  • seeing Brooke and Oliver during my run on the canal bike path
  • coming home from my run to Michael

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