07 August 2011

Bon Iver

Michael and I sat in the sixth row at Mountain Park last night for one of the best shows I've seen.  Here's what they played:
  1. Perth
  2. Minnesota, WI
  3. Towers
  4. Brackett, WI
  5. Holocene
  6. Beach Baby 
  7. Hinnom, TX
  8. Wash.
  9. Blood Bank
  10. Flume
  11. Michicant
  12. Re: Stacks
  13. Calgary
  14. For Emma
  1. Skinny Love
  2. Beth/Rest
  3. The Wolves (Act I and II)
They had two drummers along with a FULL band, which led to the shaking of my raincoat (Justin Vernon declared the motto of the night: "You can either get wet.  Or not.") and chest, which led to a little bit of a tear to the eye on a few occasions.  Also, one of the musicians looked like a cross between Mark Ibold and Eric D. Johnson.

With the exception of a few front-row ladies who were eventually asked to take a seat by security, we all sat and took it in.  And head-bobbed.  Until the very end and the three encore songs, when everyone stood up to rush the stage.  Michael and I promptly headed toward the exit to watch the encore from the near-exit, aside an umbrella-bobbing couple. 

As we drove away, the rain got heavier and we chatted about our favorite songs of the night.

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