11 November 2010

birthday astrology

"Technorati, a search engine for blogs, says there are well over 100 million blogs on the Internet, and that figure doesn't include millions of Chinese language blogs.  So self-expression is thriving on a global scale, right?  Not exactly.  Most blogs - the estimate is 94 percent - have not been updated for at least four months.  In accordance with the current astrological indicators I expect you to do something about this problem.  Refresh your blog in the coming week, or consider launching one if you don't have one.  But don't stop there.  Use every other way you can imagine to show the world who you are.  Be articulate and demonstrative and revelatory."  -- Astrology, 11/4/10-11/10/10
This blog starts a couple of days after my 30th birthday, with a little bit of influence from this horoscope (I'm a sucker for astrology) and a little bit of influence from a recent discovery of my husband's.  Namely, that his great-great-great grandfather was William B. Gould I, an escaped slave who served in the US Navy and kept a diary which has been published by William B. Gould IV.

This fact had been lost somewhere along his recent ancestry to be rediscovered by his uncle this past summer.  Reading about Gould's life started me thinking about our future descendants and the importance of giving them a little window into what life is like for us these days.  So, here it begins.  It won't be anywhere near as interesting as the Goulds' life, but here it goes anyway...

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  1. Michael even looks like Gould. That's remarkable!

    Good luck with your blog.