13 November 2010

the view from my swivel chair

I've looked out onto this field for almost four years now.  The first one or two summers I was at the Button Box, a family of rabbits lived in the bushes on the left of the frame.  I would catch sight of the mother rabbit presumably visiting her baby bunnies every once in a while.

I've caught a glimpse of various critters scurrying into the brush - one of them a fox who looked to be in pretty bad shape, and who I had seen earlier in the day running into the woods down the road.

Hot-air balloons float in the sky during leaf-peeping season.

A policeman sometimes uses the "bus-stop" (see it?) on the right as a speed trap.

And, in the foreground is our parking lot with its botched repaving job.  Two young guys filled each crack with something that doesn't blend with the blacktop and that allowed weeds to grow back up through it within a couple weeks.

Around this time of year, when the sun sets at around 4:30, I get to see the trees and fields provide a frame for sunsets...

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