19 November 2010

Brook's Bend's sheeps

If I go the even-more-country-road-than-usual route to work, I usually see these guys and gals at Brook's Bend Farm in Montague...

I'll eventually get a better non-camera phone photo

The sheep live in a big pasture next to turkeys and chickens, which are often out of their enclosures  crossing the road as I approach in my car. 

Once or twice I've seen one of the owners (they're regulars at the cafe where Michael works) watching over his dogs herding the sheep with a cup of coffee in hand.  I wouldn't mind doing that very thing one day.

Throughout the summer, they set up portable fencing in different portions of the field.  Al and the dogs move the sheep from the barn to those spots each morning.  If they've put them on the road side of the fence I'll stop my car and just watch for a bit.  Especially if it's spring and there are babies running and playing.

As a project for one of his classes, Michael (and me and Sully for a bit) walked around the woods behind this field to see if he could find two adjacent types of forest.  He eventually did and figured out that there had been two different pasture fields, which had been abandoned at different points somewhat recently.  He was clued in by an old stone wall on one side of the property, as well as a couple different old and gnarly pasture trees among the younger trees in the forest.

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